The SPi website is the showcase for illustrator and cartoonist Steve Peterson, who has produced work
for advertising and media worldwide, including BBC Television in the UK.

Illustrations and cartoons from SPi can be used for a wide range of visual uses including:

National / regional newspapers & magazines. Cartoon Illustration of James Bond 007 type character holding pencil & brush in 007 opening logo style surroundings

Book illustration.

Advertising & PR.

Greeting cards.

Corporate calendars, cards and
audio/visual presentations.

Web graphics.

Commissioned work is usually supplied digitally
in high resolution in a variety of file formats and
if needed, can also be sent in the traditional way
by post. Most of the images found in the galleries
of this website are also available for licensing,
so please get in touch for more details using
the contact form.


Guide to Commissioning

Copyright & Licences